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eCertification is a tool to help objectively measure the performance of a professional on a given job at a defined skill level. eCertification, therefore, is beneficial for individuals who wish to validate their own skills and performance levels and/or their employees. For optimum benefit, the certification tests must reflect the critical tasks required for a job, the skill levels of each task, and the frequency by which a task needs to be performed. We take pride in designing comprehensive, documented processes which ensure that certification tests remain relevant to the work environment of potential certification candidates.

In addition to assessing job skills and performance levels, professional certification provides benefits such as:

  • For employees:
    • Receive recognition as an eCertification certified professional
    • Helps create advantages in interviews
    • Assists in salary increases and/or corporate advancement
    • Increases self esteem
    • Provides continuing professional benefits

  • For employers:
    • Measures the effectiveness of training
    • Reduces course redundancy and unnecessary expenses
    • Provides objective benchmarks for validating skills
    • Makes long-range planning easier
    • Helps manage professional development
    • Aids as a hiring tool
    • Contributes to competitive advantage
    • Increases productivity
    • Increases morale and loyalty

  • For business partners and consultants:
    • Provides independent validation of technical skills
    • Creates competitive advantage and business opportunities
    • Enhances prestige of the team

Specific benefits may vary by country and role. In general, once you become certified, you should receive the following benefits:

  • Industry Recognition

    Certification may accelerate your career potential by validating your professional competency and increasing your ability to provide solid, capable technical support.

  • Program Credentials

    As a certified professional, you will receive the certification mark associated with your role for use in advertisements and business literature. You will also receive a certificate of completion, a lapel pin, and a wallet-size certificate.

    The Professional Certification Program from eCertifications acknowledges the individual as a technical professional. The certification mark is for the exclusive use of the certified individual.

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