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eCertifications is the world leader in online skills assessment and certification.  Our IT tests have been used by professionals, educators, and trainers worldwide.  If you have a success story and want to share with us, feel free to send us a your story.

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"Just want to say thanks for helping me land a great job.  With my Oracle DBA eCertifications, I was able to get a promotion that earns me more money.  I am especially pleased that this did not cost me anything.  When I received my MCSE, I had to take many long courses and pay lots of money.  On the other hand, your tests are a quick and efficient way to assess my knowledge.  Keep up the good work."


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"Thanks for breaking the barrier for me and a few of my friends.   Within about an hour I was able to get my C programming certification and finally get the recognition I need.  For about 4 years I have been programming and needed a more challenging assignment.  After my certification, I got 3 job interviews and 2 offers within a week."


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"When I first visited your site, I thought free certifications are just a gimmick like many other sites that want you to give out personal information.   But when I took the PowerBuilder and Perl tests, I realized that this wasn't the case.  Your questions and answers were both very challenging and parctical.  I felt even better when I got certified at the Master level in Perl programming.  This is the first time I got any kind of certification free!  Thanks."


hthompson.gif (5567 bytes)"Your eCertifications confirmed my strengths.  After 8 years serving as a database administrator in the US Army, I left to join CSC as a consultant in the same position.  However, after my certification in SQL Server 6.5 from eCertifications, I was able to convince my new boss for a promotion.   I'm glad to say that the few hours spent on your Web site was well worth it!"



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"I recognize the true value behind your tests.  I stumbled on your site earlier this month and decided to take a Visual Basic test to see how well I could do.   When I passed the test after about an hour, I got 93% and certified at Master level.  I am not looking to change my job at the moment, but when I do, I know this is going to help me a great deal."


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"After receiving your certificate in DB2 DBA, I presented the certificate number to perspective employers to check during my interview.  Within a week, I was offered a new position with a 35% increase in salary and great benefits.   I am glad that you were able to help me with your online certifications. I have since forwarded your company to our human resources department."




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