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The following resources are availabe to assist job seekers throughout the United States and Canada. 

Trileft Career Centers at US Colleges and Universities

Trileft Career Resource Library for All States

Trileft Federal, State and Private Training and Financial Aid Programs

Trileft Scholastic and Admission Tests

Trileft Vendor Certifications

Trileft Career Resource Center

Trileft Westech Virtual Job Fair

Trileft Interview Preparation

Trileft Wall St. Journal Interactive

J O B    S E E K E R S'    C E N T E R
Resource guide -- WorkSearch
Sample cover letters -- CareerLab
Tips -- #1 Resume Writing Services
Writing guide -- JobWeb

Electronic Recruiting News
Recruiters by specialty -- Job Connection
Recruiters Online Network

By profession -- JobStar
Salary Calculator --

The Interview
Company research --
Interview resources -- WorkSearch

Employee Benefits
401(k) --
Pensions --
Stock options -- National Center for Employee Ownership

Job Fairs
College Connection
T E C H N I C A L     R E S O U R C E S
Product Beta
Beta News, Shareware Evaluations, BetaCenter, Beta Bites, Beta Test, Beta Base

Bugs & Flaws
NT, Unix , Bug Net, NT Bugtraq, BigFix, Windows 98, Browser Security Hole

NetManage, Tergoweb Express 6.4, WinTUNE 98, X-WinPro, Windows Registry Guide, CMP's Download Center, TechWeb Downloads, BigFix

Informix on Linux, Sun Solaris, Network Computers, Networking, Raw IP Networking, Modems, Networking, Cabling, Drivers, Windows95 OSR2 FAQ, Windows 98 FAQ, Beta

Linuxcare, The Linux Documentation Project, The Linux How To Indexlinux journal, UnixWare 7 Data Center Edition, Linux and Unix Resources, UnixWorld Online, SuSE Linux 6.1, MKLinux,

Bottom Up, Data Communications Magazine, ent Online, InternetWeek, Microsoft Internet Developer, SQL Server Magazine, The Computer Paper, IndustryWeek, EContent Magazine, Window's Developer's Journal, Windows Magazine, Betazine

Network Management

Microsoft® IE 5 Corporate Deployment Guide, Windows 2000, NT Domains, Microsoft Systems Journal, Active Windows, Microsoft BackOffice - Deployment, Systems Internals, Windows 98 Toolbox, Windows Resources

Upgrading to NetWare 5, Dave's Novell shareware

SAGE - The System Administrators Guild, USENIX - The Advanced Computing Systems Association

Product Reviews
Sun Solaris 7, Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE Turbo System, NTMail, Computing Pros, Hardware, Lost Circuits

The Network Security Buyer's Guide

Cobalt Qube Microserver 2700WG, Server Watch, Webserver Quick Compare

System Admins
SAGE, Sys Admin Tools for Unix, Unix Sysadm Resources

TipZone,, Windows Troubleshooting,,, Windows Tricks, Secrets, Tips, Bugs, Fixes , Laptop-Notebook Tips, Windows Tips, Tricks and Help, Windows-Help

NETIQ AppManager® Suite, Network ServaNT

Try It/Buy It
Allied Telesyn: Network Management Products, Citrix MetaFrame

UNIX/NT Integration
MKS UNIX-Windows Co-Existence Products

TrapShutdown, FileSplit 2.21

White Papers
The Midrange and Enterprise-Server Backup Solution, Choosing the Optimum Load Balancing System for your Network, Network Reliability Gets Physical: Cabling Woes, Oracle is Up To 62% More Cost-Effective than Microsoft SQL Server, SCO's Tarantella, Wireless LANS, Capacity Planning for Large Networks, Xylan White Papers, SUMMIT OnLine, 3Com


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