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SAP R/3 Programmer eCertification

The following outline describes the content of the SAP R/3 Progrmmer eCertification.  To qualify as a Certified Lotus Notes Programmer, you must pass the examination with a score of 60% or higher.  To be certified as a Master SAP R/3 Programmer, you must obtain a score of 75% or higher.




Distributed Presentation
Architecture The Application Layer
Architecture The Database Layer
Architecture Internet Transaction Server
Architecture Instance
Architecture SAP Session Manager
Architecture Transaction Code
Architecture Message Server
Architecture Dialog Service
Architecture Background Service
Architecture The Operating System
Architecture Three-Tier Architecture
Installation Sizing
Installation Hardware Requirements
Installation R3Setup
Installation Naming Conventions
Installation Language Import
System Landscape Tasks
System Landscape Two-System Landsacpes
System Landscape Three-System Landscapes
System Landscape Multisystem Landscapes
System Landscape Technical Implementation
System Landscape Initialization
System Landscape Transport Control Program
Security Users and Authorizations
Security Superusers
Security User Addresses
Security User Groups
Security Authorization Objects
Data Distribution and Transfer Application Link Enabling
Data Distribution and Transfer ALE Configuration
Data Distribution and Transfer Data Transfer and Batch Outout
System Monitoring Customizing
System Monitoring System Log
System Monitoring Database Administration


All eCertifications examinations are delivered through the web and use computer adaptive testing (CAT), in which the degree of complexity for question areas based on previous answers.  Additionally, questions are selected from large question banks, so that it is not productive to memorize questions. 

The expected time to complete the SAP R/3 Programmer eCertification examination is 60 minutes.  In addition to registration with, all certified professionals may use one of the logos below on their resume followed by a professional certificate which is suitable for framing.

SAP Programmer SAP Programmer Master


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