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The following outline describes the content of the HTML eCertification.  To qualify as a Certified  HTML Programmer, you must pass the examination with a score of 60% or higher.  To be certified as a Master   HTML, you must obtain a score of 75% or higher.



Basics Dynamic HTML Model Concept
Basics Scripts
Basics Tags
Basics Dynamic Fonts
Object Model Plug-Ins and ActiveX Controls
Object Model Structure Navigation
Object Model Content Manipulation
Object Model Cascading Style Sheets
Object Model Attributes
Dynamic HTML Colors and Background
Dynamic HTML Assigning Classes
Dynamic HTML Grouping Style Sheets
Dynamic HTML Event Model
Dynamic HTML Margins, Indents, and Text Alignments
Dynamic HTML JavaScript
Advanced Issues Using CGI
Advanced Issues Layering
Advanced Issues Combining Styles
Advanced Issues Animation
Advanced Issues ActiveX Controls
Advanced Issues Dynamic Table Sorting
Advanced Issues Designing Dymamic Pages
Advanced Issues VBScript
Advanced Issues Looping Scripts
Advanced Issues Database Interface
Advanced Issues XML Issues
Dynamic Design The Event Object
Dynamic Design Document Events
Security User Identification and Authentification
Security ActiveX Controls
Security Encryption Methods
Security Controls

All eCertification examinations are delivered through the web and use computer adaptive testing (CAT), in which the degree of complexity for questions areas based on previous answers.  Additionally, questions are selected from large question banks, so that it is not productive to memorize questions. 

The expected time to complete the HTML Programmer eCertification examination is 60 minutes.  In addition to registration with, all certified professionals may use one of the logos below on their resume followed by a professional certificate which is suitable for framing.

HTML Programmer HTML Programmer - Master



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