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Cyber Security and Related Tests

Cyber security professionals solve complex technical challenges such as incident management, risk mitigation, programming support, threat assessment and a host of related services. They provide Computer Network Defense (CND), Computer Network Operations (CNO), Security Operations, Security and Regulatory Compliance Certification & Accreditation Testing, Insider Threats, and Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Our tests are developed to assess the level and depth of candidate skills by providing a series of tests that validate knowledge and best practices.

Enterprise Security and Risk Management

Candidates are tested in specific cyber security curricula focusing on knowledge assessment in the following categories:

  • Big data analytic based on statistical analyses and mathematical/stochastic modelling to arrive at realistic risk factors.
  • Operational testing situational awareness and support response in cyber-relevant time.
  • Blue Team and Red Team penetration testing.

Insider Threat

Candidates conducting threat assessment tests include the following areas:

  • Testing to assess methodology for critical assets and protection schemes
  • Fundamentals of insider threat
  • Common framework and best practices
  • Questions related to gaining management support and sponsorship
  • Questions related to planning and implementing an Insider Threat Program
  • Organizational policies and processes that require enhancement to accommodate insider threat components
  • Data sources and priorities for data collection
  • Infrastructure changes and enhancements necessary for implementing and supporting an Insider Threat Program
  • Operational considerations and requirements need to implement the program
  • Staffing secuity and organizational culture
  • Training competencies for insider threat team staff

Continuous Monitoring for Threats

Candidate testing include the following caterogies of test questions:

  • Threat hunting exercises.
  • Review and assessment of organizational threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts based on known or likely attack vectors and Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs).
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of key indicators and warnings, indicators of compromise, indicators of attack, threat dynamics, impact analysis, and potential for data loss.
  • Evaluating security layers and domains including traditional, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Threat "Heat Map" that depicts risks at various abstraction layers within the organization
  • Identifying remedial actions and responses


All eCertifications examinations are delivered through the web and use computer adaptive testing (CAT), in which the degree of complexity for question areas based on previous answers.  Additionally, questions are selected from large question banks, so that it is not productive to memorize questions. 

The expected time to complete the Cyber Security related tests is between 30 and 60 minutes.  In addition to registration with, all certified professionals may use one of the logos below on their resume followed by a professional certificate which is suitable for framing.


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