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The following outline describes the content of the Cold Fusion Programmer eCertifications.  To qualify as a Certified Cold Fusion Programmer, you must pass the examination with a score of 60% or higher.  To be certified as a Master Cold Fusion Programmer, you must obtain a score of 75% or higher.



Installation System Requirements
Installation Windows95 and NT
Installation Solaris
Installation Browser Configuration
Overview CF Features
Overview Critical Application Services
Overview Open Extensible Architecture
Overview Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML)
Overview Java Forms
Advanced Development Functions and Expressions
Advanced Development Dynamic Expression Evaluation
Advanced Development Arrays & Structures
Advanced Development Accessing Registry
Advanced Development CF Extensions
Advanced Development Application Programming Interface
Advanced Development LDAP Directories
Advanced Development Advanced Functions
Advanced Development Typeless Expressions
Advanced Development Exchanging Data via XML
Advanced Development Web Distributed Data Exchange (WDDE)
Advanced Development Java Interface
Advanced Development JavaScript Functions
Advanced Development Exception Handling
Advanced Development Custom Tags
Advanced Development CORBA Objects
Advanced Development Extensions with C++
Advanced Development CFX Tags
Advanced Development Creating and Using COM Objects
Advanced Development Search Filters
Security Administration
Security Remote Development Service
Security User Security
Security Encryption
Security Application Security - Advanced Features
Security Using CGI Applications

All eCertification examinations are delivered through the web and use computer adaptive testing (CAT), in which the degree of complexity for questions areas based on previous answers.  Additionally, questions are selected from large question banks, so that it is not productive to memorize questions. 

The expected time to complete the Cold Fusion eCertifications examination is 60 minutes.  In addition to registration with, all certified professionals may use one of the logos below on their resume followed by a professional certificate which is suitable for framing.

Note: Cold Fusion is a registered trademark of Allaire Corporation. eCertifications tests are not authored, reviewed or otherwise sponsored by Allaire Corporation. We are an independent skill assessment and certification authority not affiliated with any third party vendor such as Microsoft, IBM, Lotus, Netscape, Oracle, or Allaire.


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