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According to Association of Internet Professionals (AIP), "Certification will never be a replacement for skill and talent, but provides a way for an employer, client or colleague to know that any certified individual has learned the facts and has some knowledge of that which he or she speaks.

With the various programs being produced by vendors and other training companies, and with the current lack of an industry-wide standard, provides the most comprehensive online skills assesment engine using Computer Adaptive Technology (CAT). CAT randomly selects questions from a large pool of questions and presents them to the user taking into consideration his/her previous correct answers.

According to a comprehensive study by  IDC, The vast majority (92%) of managers surveyed said they realized all or some of the benefits they expected from their certified employees.

The top five benefits expected were:

  • Certification provides greater knowledge and increases productivity.
  • Certification assures a certain level of expertise and skill.
  • Certification improves support quality.
  • Certification reduces training costs.
  • Certification leads to higher morale and commitment. provides online assessment tests in more than 150 Subject Areas covering basic to advanced issues.  Our tests are developed by engineers, programmers, database analysts, developers, and other professionals.

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